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Tech Support

GTO Technical Service and Installation Assistance
Our dedicated staff, certified by the Electronic Technicians' Association as Certified Customer Service Specialists, stands ready and eager to support you from the the initial installation to the regular maintenance and upkeep of your gate operator. Service Technicians are available 8:00am—7:00pm(EST), Monday—Friday. Contact us for support questions or to obtain an RGA for warranty repair at:

  • Toll-free: 800-543-1236
  • Local: 850-575-4144
  • Fax: 850-575-8950
Or open a Tech Ticket online.

Online Trouble-Shooting Wizard
Access our Trouble-Shooting Wizard for support documents on GTO gate openers and accessories, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gate Opener Safety
All GTO Gate Operators meet or exceed current UL 325 safety standards.
UL 325(Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems) is the standard to which vehicular gate operators are designed, manufactured and tested by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. In addition to the 325 standard, vehicular gates must also be tested to UL 991: Tests for Safety-Related Controls Employing Solid-State Devices.

Before Installing Your Gate Operator:

  1. Verify this operator is proper for the type and size of gate, its frequency of use, and the proper class rating.
  2. Make sure the gate has been properly installed and swings freely in both directions. Repair or replace all worn or damaged gate hardware prior to installation. A freely moving gate will require less force to operate and will enhance the performance of the operator and safety devices used with the system.
  3. When designing a system that will be entered from a highway or main thoroughfare, make sure the system is placed far enough from the road to prevent traffic congestion.
  4. The gate and gate operator installation must comply with any applicable local codes.

Required Safety Precautions for Gates:
Install Warning Signs. Warning Signs alert people of automatic gate operation and are required when installing the GTO gate operator. The warning signs included with GTO gate operators must be installed on both sides of each gate. Furthermore, a walk-through gate must be installed for pedestrian traffic. Safety devices such as safety edge sensors or photoelectric sensors—which stop and reverse gate direction upon sensing an obstruction—are necessary for enhanced protection against entrapment.